Author: P.J. Post


                                                                …is back!

Connor Clay abandoned any hope of escaping his troubled life long ago, immersing himself in the hardcore punk scene and living every day as if it were his last. His gigs are loud, fast, and dangerous, just like everything else in his life – except for the girl of his dreams.

But even as his music grabs the local spotlight, the consequences of his love’s dark past are resurfacing, forcing an impossible choice that could destroy the band and the only hope of redemption Connor will ever know.

Punk is the complete, epic love story between two kids dodging college in order to search for forgiveness: from their chance meeting in Ache, through the tragedy of Scar, to the fiery embrace of Heal, welcome back to the 80s.

FERAL: Palimpsest, Book 1

He’s just a teenager, hollow and lost, looking to keep the past buried, to forget. He surfs the backwash of the westward migration across a dead America; a war-torn desolation devoid of electricity, infrastructure and civilization. It has become a strange and unrecognizable land, rife with the worst of humanity. And his is a life without hope, equally dark and solitary.

Until he meets Feral.

Once was boy, selfish and directionless.

Now is love.

Now is reason.

Now is vengeance.

She is his vow, his purpose, and to save her, he’ll murder the world.

Of One Skein: Palimpsest, Book 2

She was looking forward to her junior year of high school, obsessing about prom, getting her driver’s license and maybe even meeting her first boyfriend, but September finds her on the run, from the bombings, from looters and much, much worse.

No more homecoming.

No more homeroom.

No more home.

Some are praying for the lights to come back on, but others are embracing the New World Order, living for today and taking what they need, but mostly, what they want. But some are fighting back. Her new friends have put together a search party for the missing children, hoping, that in the end, it will become a rescue party.

Others are just praying the kids are still human.

Coins for Charon: Palimpsest, Book 3

The people of Freemont have always fought for their own, and the end of the world hasn’t changed a thing. They opened up the armory, fueled the World War II trucks and even got the old generators working. They turned on the lights. For the survivors of the War, Freemont is a beacon of hope.

Five days ago Lane went searching for the missing kids, and now he’s brought them here, to the rendezvous, to Freemont, only to find Cart People, Crayton Mercenaries and thousands of townsfolk fighting through the streets and neighborhoods, for their city and for the lives of the millions of refugees that have found salvation.

Sam’s down there, somewhere.

And so is the Button Eye plague.

Young Parisians: Palimpsest, Book 4

Ten years ago, the world ended.

Ten years ago, a handful of orphaned kids were infected with a bioweapon virus. They called themselves the Pixie Girls.

Ten years ago, raging fires ended the Battle of Freemont; half of the Pixie Girls escaped to the river.

Ten years ago, the others didn’t.

The Pixie Girls refuse to give up hope, and as they come of age, searching for one another, they transform from terrified refugees into ruthless seasoned warriors: wanted, dead or alive.

Surrounded by Bounty Hunters and Slavers, by zombies and mutating lands, the Pixie Girls remain honor bound and vigilant, committed to finding their sisters, to protecting each other, and no matter what, to living to fight another day.

But after ten years, hope is becoming a liability.